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Every week, I'm uploading at least 1 new painting for Angelarium. The project is supported by fans, so if you like it, leave a comment here on this journal!

Wish me luck or just help back the project!




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United States
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You can get see PSDs, step-by-step updates and stuff mailed to your house if you back my Patreon acccount:



Chokhmah by PeteMohrbacher
Created with support from Angelarium fans via Patreon.

Chohkmah is faith and premeditation turned to stone. Potentiality's demise and purpose. The first step out of the mystery of Ein Soph to awareness.

First steps like first love requires commitment to things you cannot know. The requisite faith to leap into the chasm without even the certainty of death, or the hope of flight. Chohkmah is not the step,

Chohkmah is the ephemeral decision dissolving into action. Chohkmah is the first light of reality. Open your eyes young one.

-first rites performed for a newborn
Hod by PeteMohrbacher

Created with with support from fans via Patreon.


Supreme glory. Hod's presence calls for submission, prostration and unfettered love.

Hod's glory veils even the Sun.  It is said, in some parts, the Sun's rays only shine in the space left behind by Hod's radiance. The Sun existing only in deference and awe. Splendor submits to Hod and beauty fails before Hod. The sky withers and retracts and all that can remain without Hod languishes in mediocrity. Yes, Hod is greatness, but the price of knowing such brilliance is the sundering of one's own 'self'. Why should we bother to know our own visage or to look even at the Sun while we choose to remain so ignorant of what Hod is? It is all darkness by comparison...

-ramblings of a blind stowaway when the Captain asked his identity.

Da'at by PeteMohrbacher

See more content and help support Angelarium at


Da'at is the blessed container. Da'at is relief and flexible. The grateful bearer of Burdens.

"Ein Soph fills the world with so much Light, it opens the eyes of Creation and widens the mouth of Existence. The many faces of Da'at turn and turn in that Light , catching the overflow within the Crown of the Mind. Da'at holds the Sephirot as some words might carry many meanings.”

-description of Da'at


Hesed by PeteMohrbacher

Created with with support from fans via Patreon.

Simply love, kindness and understanding. The Sephirot that repairs the world with gentle embrace.

Forlorn, compulsory, like a deep river or a dispute calmed by touch and remembrance. Like undine tears, that don't fall, they cascade. Formed formless. The measure of simple and devastating things, like warm embrace, forgiven sins and Love. Ephemeral and - I beg your pardon my son, my answers are tangled in the labyrinth of your question. How does one succinctly describe the font from which kindness springs? Such is the mystery of Hesed.

-a conversation between Father and Son, overheard, under the shade of a Tree


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Absolutely gorgeous work. You're very talented.
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you probably already know, but I feel the need to tell you that you are an incredible, amazing artist.
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Read about your guys' work from awesome robo and I am now such a fan! Love the Angelarium, it is sooo inspiring! *tears of joy*
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